SUP Trips

Ljubljana Urban City Tour:

With Ljubljana Urban City Tour you experience the old city centre from a completely different perspective, paddle right through the heart of Ljubljana by canoe or sup and experience the magnificent views of bridges, the castle and some other amazing city sights as you have never done before. The river offers an especially attractive view of the world´s famous Plecnik’s architecture. In addition, you see the site where the oldest Emona civilization tree-boat was excavated.

Join us for a 2-hours-long adventure through the heart of the city, escorted by certified and experienced instructors, and explore the Slovenian capital in an active, a bit different way.


Ljubljana Green Tour:

With Ljubljana Green Tour you experience the tranquility of the surroundings, the green part of the Slovenian capital with its fabulous fauna and flora. Only a few strokes from the city streets there are the marshes named Ljubljansko barje. Approximately 150 km2 of the marsh plain is marked by an endless patchwork of meadows, hedgerows, fields, ditches and creeks. To capture the glory of all that is to see and experience there, we drop the pace, open our eyes and ears and just explore. Visitors are always impressed by the symphony of birds’ songs, the buzzing insects and frogs’ sounds experienced during this tour. Time stopped here long ago and to clean your head there’s no better way of doing it.

To recharge, join us at 2 hrs adventure paddling on the river of seven names.